Wednesday, 17 November 2010


Lately I haven’t posted much about what I’ve been up. It’s not that I’ve become blasé about my life as an author – far from it! - but since Cut Short was shortlisted for a major award I've barely had time to attend all my events, let alone write about them here.
In a typical week I might have two book signings at Waterstones or WH Smith, a panel at a literary festival, online interviews, media interviews, and invitations to guest post on several blogs in addition to the two blogs I regularly post on.
This week, in addition to all my usual promotion, I’ve been invited to judge a short story competition, and was contacted by a photographer wanting to do a photoshoot for a feature about me in The Times Educational Supplement. Yes, a photoshoot… ! Apparently he’s going to spend an hour taking a picture of me, and the whole photoshoot is going to take nearly three hours (including lunch, ahem.) I told you it can get a little crazy! I’ll tell you about the photoshoot next week, if it’s not too embarrassing. (You may have heard me say that it took longer to take a decent photo of me for Road Closed than it did to write the book... I have a feeling this venture into the world of glamour and glitz is going to go horribly wrong… It’s just not me, dahling.)
So (unusually) I’ve been thinking about my appearance and have decided to wear a hat with a wide brim, a mac with the collar turned up and a pair of dark glasses for my photoshoot. Sleuth-like or what? (What do you mean, a cover-up? The thought never entered my head!)
While I’ve been considering my appearance, I’ve also been thinking about the appearance of my next book. First of all I’d like to thank everyone who has commented on the cover design for DEAD END, here and on facebook.
There’s been some discussion about it. The first design chosen was strikingly similar to a book that came out last year. That in itself doesn't matter, except that I happen to know the other author concerned, so I was pleased when my publisher decided to use a different image. It seems that every detail of a book cover is discussed at great length. The designer, my publisher, my agent and I all had strong opinions about whether the title DEAD END should be printed in white or red.
What do YOU think?
And how much does the cover influence your decision to buy a particular book?
As for the photo of this author, I intend to be well disguised as a sleuth for my photoshoot!


Akasha Savage. said...

I has to be red for the wording. What a full life you're leaving at the moment...enjoy every minute of it. You deserve it. :D

Leigh Russell said...

Yes! I thought red, Debs, and red it is. (Not due to my preference, but because that was felt to be stronger.)

Leigh Russell said...

Sorry, Akasha, I registered the :D at the end of your comment and thought it was D for a name... silly me! and thank you for commenting, it's love to hear from you AKASHA :)

Akasha Savage. said...

Debs is fine by me!

I wish there was a way to edit comments after they've been posted. I think I must have been on the wine when I wrote to you! Call myself a writer with all those typos!! :)

Leigh Russell said...

I went back to look because I hadn't noticed any typos, Akasha... I'm so glad my books are proofread by other people!

Star said...

I like the covers very much. I also like the titles. They are excellent, short, punchy, just right.
Good luck with the third book.
You are busy now aren't you. It has been interesting for me to travel along with you as you rode the path to fame and fortune. I can see how much hard work it is and all consuming.
I don't envy you the photo shoot. I'm sure it will be great and I love the idea of a hat!! - love hats, but the process of all that camera work would fill me with dread. Please tell us how it goes.
Glad you popped by to update us.
Blessings, Star

Rick said...

Okay, Leigh, where are some pictures with you in the pulled down sleuth hat and the trench coat. We guys out here demand to see them!

Leigh Russell said...

Thanks, Star. You can be sure I'll be back to let you know all about it. I'll probably post one word... will it be "horrendous" or "fun" I wonder? I can't believe how time consuming it's all becoming.

Leigh Russell said...

I'll post a photo of me in a wide brimmed hat and turned up collar. You'll have to take my word for it that it's me concealed under all that!

Pat said...

I hope you won't cover yourself up for a photo shoot. Your face is an asset and goes well with your writing and people feel they get to know you and trust you.
BTW it must be an asset living fairly centrally for all your public appearances.

Angie said...

Hi Leigh! I'm not a writer or anything (except for my occasional blog)but I AM an avid reader and I'm glad you have a third book coming out. I'm even gladder that DI Steeele is making her third appearance. If it's still of interest, my criteria for choosing one book over another are a)the author b)main character c)cover picture d)colour of cover wording.

Leigh Russell said...

Hi Angie, how interesting to read about your criteria for choosing books, thank you for taking the time to comment here. Thank you also for your very kind comment about wanting to read my third book. Dead End is coming out in May - I'm just working on the edits now. I hope you like it!