Sunday, 23 December 2012

Leigh Russell in 2012

Leigh Russell
Current UK covers 


At 23 December 2012 08:27 , Blogger Guillaume said...

Six novels already. Congratulations.

At 23 December 2012 08:50 , Blogger Charles Gramlich said...

An impressive slate!

At 23 December 2012 10:58 , Blogger Leigh Russell said...

Actually it's 5, Charles, as the second cover is a large print version of Cut Short. I have written the 6th but it's not yet published. That will be the last one I'm contracted to write - meeting with my publisher early in 2013 to negotiate the next contract (at least I hope that's what's going to happen! Keep your fingers crossed for me!)

At 24 December 2012 04:44 , Blogger Deborah Carr (Debs) said...

Don't they look wonderful. Congratulations and Happy Christmas to you.x

At 24 December 2012 12:10 , Blogger Leigh Russell said...

Thanks Debs and the same to you!


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