Thursday, 14 May 2015

CrimeFest 2015 Friday begins...

Bristol is waking up, and we are in a room with a view of the river...
It's going to be a very busy day.
9am panel with Melanie McGrath. (This is going to be a challenge... as I'm used to getting up at 11 - after being brought tea in bed at 9 and then working in bed for a couple of hours, I hasten to add!) 
10.30 coffee with some regulars from my creative writing courses on Skyros.
12.30 interview with a journalist.
4pm my talk about Gender Issues in Crime Fiction. 
6.30-7.30 CWA Dagger shortlists are announced at a drinks reception (I have to attend a raise a glass as one of the Debut Dagger judges)
8pm out for dinner with friends. 
I'll try to find time to post some photos... 


Derek Thompson said...

Have a great time. Leigh. If you want to blog some / all of your gender issues talk I'd be happy to host it on my blog when you get back.


Guillaume said...

I have been to Bristol once. It was in October 2009, spent the day in their shopping centre and hated it. I need to make peace with this city.