Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Dead End has arrived

I just received a copy of Dead End - the final version that has now arrived in bookshops. It looks fantastic (in my opinion!) and has already had some great reviews.
amazon.co.uk sold out as soon as the book arrived thanks to preorders, but have now restocked. So it's available on amazon as well as in Waterstones around the UK. Here's a link to the latest review, from Helen Hunt on Bookersatz and there are more below and on the No Exit site:


Val said...

Awesome, will this be available on Amazon.com?

Debs Carr said...

I look forward to reading it.

Off to Bookersatz now.

Guillaume said...


Leigh Russell said...

Yes, Val, it will be available on amazon.com in August.

Leigh Russell said...

Thanks, Debs.

Leigh Russell said...

Indeed, Guillaume!