Saturday, 19 July 2014

An interview with Lynda La Plante

I have to confess that I arrived late to this interview - no, I didn't oversleep... I misread the programme... I caught most of it, but couldn't barge through to the front of the room, so the photo here is a little distant, for which I apologise.
    Lynda told us "these events are fantastic for me, I meet the people who read me. It's a fantastic feeling." 
     She described how she insisted on Helen Mirren to play the part of Jane Tennison. She is very excited about writing a prequel. Asked where Jane Tennison came from, Lynda said she's very excited to discover her background. There are  precedents for this. When he was asked where Philip Marlowe came from, Raymond Chandler said "I've no idea." As for who she would like to see playing the young Jane Tennison, she said "I don't want a name, I want to find her and that's going to be very exciting."
      She gave us some hilarious insights into her research in Russia, talked about crimes she wouldn't write about, and about her love for writing. "The key is I love it. I love every second of it. It fills my life." 

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