Sunday, 20 July 2014

Sophie Hannah and S J Watson in conversation

Sophie told us she's interested in the mysteries of life. "If I'm sufficiently interested in something to be thinking about it at all then I'm thinking about it constantly." I real life there are many small mysteries that are never resolved, but that can't happen in crime fiction. The successful solving of a mystery is a feeling we rarely have in real life.   
They discussed what drives their narratives, for Sophie it's plot, for Steve character. Crime fiction tells us that people are not necessarily who we think they are. "We all wear masks all the time." Sophie told us she doesn't have "baddies" but what she calls "flawdies." 
Steve talked about the strangeness of the transition from sitting at his desk typing to seeing Nicole Kidman on the big screen playing the character he had created. 
Along with some hilarious anecdotes, it was a thought provoking and enjoyable discussion.

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