Wednesday 21 May 2008

Did I mention that CUT SHORT has reappeared on my publisher's website? Eagle eyed readers of my blog may notice a subtle change in the cover reflecting a change in Geraldine Steel's status. I wonder if other books change as much from conception to the finished article? And CUT SHORT is not done yet. The MS is still with the editor so there may be further tweaking before it is finally published. I'll be quite sad when it's all over, really. It will be the end of an era for me. On the plus side, I will (all being well) (fingers crossed) be a published author! What will I blog about then? I suppose I'll be climbing the next mountain... "sold another copy today!"

Sunday 18 May 2008

I love my new room with my spacious new desk and absence of distraction so much that I've written another book since my last post. I'm in the process of self editing it and have even passed the MS on to my trusted readers (3 members of my family). Is that a good enough reason for not blogging for a while? One of the advantages of my new room is that my laptop has no internet access BUT the new cable is now in place and my desktop will shortly be moved up there. I wonder if I'll be as prolific once I can access my email and ... my BLOG! or will the temptation prove too great?

Other news is that CUT SHORT has reappeared on my publisher's website with a new publication date of March 2009. By this time next year, all being well, I will (finally) be a published author! I know I shouldn't be feeling this excited after such a protracted wait - and I have been in this position before - but I'm really excited. Let's hope it all goes ahead this time.

Although the book is still a way off, you can read about the book, by googling CUT SHORT Leigh Russell and clicking on No Exit Press Stock List and finding it there.