Tuesday 19 January 2010

O for a muse of fire

Even Shakespeare prayed for inspiration.
Val mentioned in her comment on my last post that she takes a walk in the woods when she's stuck for ideas. I agree, a change of scene can be very stimulating, and walking in the fresh air is helpful, but I'm not sure I can identify any one location or situation where I feel inspired. I often have ideas after I've gone to bed. Up I get, and scurry over to my little notebook beside the toilet - where I can sit with the light on without waking my husband. In the wee hours (no, not another reference to the toilet!) I sit and scribble furiously.
I wonder how and where other writers find their ideas and inspiration?
Newsflash! CUT SHORT in stock on amazon.com
Thank you to all the people who placed orders on amazon.com while they were temporarily out of stock.

Thursday 14 January 2010

Hooked on Writing

Matt Lynn asks, on the Curzon blog, whether writing is an intrinsically depressing profession.
Depression is an ambiguous word. In our own ways, most of us feel depressed at times. This can be caused by external circumstances, not the same as clinical depression. Like any other illness, that strikes for no reason.
Creative problems can trigger feelings of depression. Is this an external trigger?
I arrived home yesterday after driving in conditions horrendous by anyone's standards. My car wasn't a wreck. I was. Dinner, favourite TV comedy, a nip of whisky, all failed to restore my equanimity.
Ten minutes on my keyboard, another chapter done, and I had returned to my normal, faintly warped, state of mind.
For me, writing isn't depressing. Not writing is.

amazon.co.uk still have some copies of CUT SHORT
Mystery Women short story competition open to all

Saturday 9 January 2010


CUT SHORT is currently being reprinted for the 2nd time in 6 months.
More copies will be available beginning February.
You may find one in your local branch of WATERSTONES
WATERSTONES in HARROW have restocked 020 8863 4578
Amazon.com are now out of stock but amazon.co.uk still have some. ROAD CLOSED will hit the shelves at the beginning of June.
Check here soon for a sneak preview!!!

Must go - I'm busy writing book 3. Love love love writing (in case you're wondering why the outburst of colour.... I'm in a good mood. Love writing!)

Tuesday 5 January 2010

My very own ISBN Number, Chapter 2

I have just seen ROAD CLOSED on amazon, publication 2nd June.

I've just remembered how I felt when I saw CUT SHORT listed.
What if no one likes it? What if everyone hates it?

My head is well and truly above the parapet now. There's no going back. That road is closed...

Oh all right, I admit it, I'm very excited at seeing my book on amazon. I'm now entering the period of waiting when I know that Road Closed is on track, and I don't have to worry for a few months about readers' reactions. I've got 5 months to wallow in self congratulatory limbo...

(But what if no one likes it?!?)

Saturday 2 January 2010


Happy New Year to everyone. It's the start of a new decade and invitations are, well, trickling in for 2010. I'm trying to stay fairly free until the end of March, in case we have more bad weather, but about half a dozen talks and another half dozen signings are already in the diary. I'll be putting the schedule here and on my publisher's website in a couple of weeks when I have more definite dates confirmed.

CUT SHORT continues to sell and sell. Did I tell you my publisher is reprinting for the second time in 6 months? Thank you again to everyone who's bought it. Available from bookshops and
and if you want a preview here I am reading an extract (without giggling!) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wW3Ixmq3OyA

I've been busy writing the third book in the Geraldine Steel series. I'd forgotten what hard work it is, writing a book - and what fun! I'm trying to include a little surprise...

ROAD CLOSED is listed on amazon, publication beginning of June. As promised, here's the cover that is on my publisher's website, but not yet on amazon. It wasn't my first choice of the designs, but was the favourite of the bookshops and sales team. What do you think?