Saturday 9 January 2010


CUT SHORT is currently being reprinted for the 2nd time in 6 months.
More copies will be available beginning February.
You may find one in your local branch of WATERSTONES
WATERSTONES in HARROW have restocked 020 8863 4578 are now out of stock but still have some. ROAD CLOSED will hit the shelves at the beginning of June.
Check here soon for a sneak preview!!!

Must go - I'm busy writing book 3. Love love love writing (in case you're wondering why the outburst of colour.... I'm in a good mood. Love writing!)


Unknown said...

wow Leigh, it's all happening for you now - can't wait for Book 2. I knew of course that you had more in the pipeline, and after reading 'Cut Short' I knew I want more of were that came from LOL.

Leigh Russell said...

Hi Pegster, nice to hear from you and Happy New Year! Thanks for the kind words.

Pat said...

Is book 2 the same team?

Leigh Russell said...

Hi Pat
Yes, Book 2 is the same team. Originally I wrote out DS Peterson. At the very first talk I gave, to a reading group at my local library, everyone in the audience said they liked Peterson, so I wrote him in again and he's still there in Book 3. (But he may disappear in Book 4...)

writtenwyrdd said...

I'm happy to see your first books is successful. That's wonderful news. And with a second due out and a third in the works, it appears you are on your way! congratulations!

Leigh Russell said...

Still a lot of work to do, writtenwyrdd! Thanks for dropping by.