Wednesday 31 August 2011

Northern Tour 2011

We spent a lovely day at Lindisfarne

Bike race at York
 We had a fabulous time up North, signing books and seeing the sights
Michael makes new friends

With Helen and Effie at Edinburgh Book Fair
Another new friend....
 Photos from our Northern tour 2011
Sold out of books by the time we took a photo at Waterstones in Sunderland

With Kieran at Waterstones
 Back from our Northern Tour - here are a few photos from the journey.
Very kind of the city of York to promote my second book!

Signing books at Waterstones in Leeds

Tuesday 9 August 2011

Dead End selling well

Just a few snippets of news:
Dead End has been reprinted less than 2 months after publication.
Geraldine Steel continues to be Number 1 bestselling female detective on amazon kindle.
So Dead End is doing well in print books and ebooks - that's even handed!
Thank you everyone for buying my books. Please tell all your friends and help to spread the word!

My website is now up and running
I'll soon be able to add news and photos (when the man-who-knows sets that up for me with idiot-proof instructions... )

Monday 1 August 2011

Harrogate International Crime Festival 2011

Here are a few photos we took.  
 Lee Child reading Dead End
   Chris came all the way from Belgium
 With Dreda Say Mitchell, Festival Chair and brilliant author
 Sharing a joke with Mark Lawson
 Big Lee and Little Leigh
 Signing my books for fans
 With Chris Simmons and Graham Smith from Crimesquad
 With Sonia from In Touch Magazine in Cyprus
 Signing books for fans

And finally - we couldn't go to Harrogate without paying a visit to Bettys Tea Shop!