Tuesday 24 June 2008

I've been well and truly tagged

This is a new departure for me, as I've been 'tagged' which means I have to answer a series of questions - I think that's it. So here goes. It won't be very exciting as my life's about as ordinary as it gets. Perhaps that's why I spin off into "gripping psychological fiction"...

1. What was I doing 10 years ago?
Running a large department in a school with a team of eight teachers, and raising teenage daughters. A busy but enjoyable time of life. Ten years on, I look back and think, "How did I manage to do so much?" and "Why?" I couldn't do all that now. I watch younger, energetic colleagues running themselves into the ground and feel an overwhelming relief that I've stepped back to become a mere foot soldier. Although I have to admit, the only reason I'm sitting here answering these questions is because I'm off work with no voice (not conducive to teaching) while they're all busy working.

2. 5 things to do today
Unusual as I'm off sick. I must remember to take my antibiotics. Also my cough medicine and hay fever tablets. I'm going to be rubbish when I'm old with lots of pills to pop. And it won't be any good giving me those tablets with the days of the week on them, because I won'd know what day of the week it is. And all this from someone who hates all forms of medication and has a healthy distrust of doctors, having been brought up by one. Seriously, I think it's quite amazing what the medical practitioners achieve, the problem being that we all expect them to work miracles when they're just people doing their best within the confines of their limited knowledge.
What was the question?

3. What would I do if I was a billionaire?
I always have problems with questions like this. I can't think bigger than fixing the bit of damp on the ceiling, and the loose slat on the garden fence and a rack for the newspapers that always seem to lie around our house. Not exactly billionaire stuff? And then there are the hospital wards closing for lack of funds. I think I'd want to put enough by so that I'd never have to worry about paying the bills, and then quietly siphon the rest away into a worthy cause. I like to sleep at nights. And I wouldn't forget my children, of course.

4. 3 bad habits
talk too much, can't cook won't cook, hate shopping - are these habits? I'm not divulging anything personal!

5. snacks I enjoy
not got a sweet tooth apart from pastries (yum!), kettle chips, pretzels - those little salty ones.

6. Last 5 books I've read
Lynda La Plante, Simon Beckett, Jeffery Deaver, Ian Rankin, Val McDermid. This bears some relation to my last post... I've been doing some homework.

7. 5 jobs I've had
working in a burger bar, tomato picker, factory sticking metal components in something or other person, taking classified ads on a newspaper, and teacher.

8. 5 places I've lived
Ealing, Canterbury, Whitstable, Herne Bay, St Albans - all over 20 years ago.

That was surprisingly quite fun. I'm off to check my instructions as I believe I now have to 'tag' someone else.


Bill Clark said...

So I see that "tagging" has made it across the Atlantic. We've been doing it over here in the colonies for several years (maybe more), and it's kinda fun if you have the time and patience for it.

Some people I know refuse to tag or be tagged, as it can get to be a lot like a chain letter. For myself, I take it on a case-by-case basis, although I rarely tag someone else because I don't want them to forward all their spam email to me in revenge. :)

I think you're supposed to print the instructions you received at the start of your post, as well as the name of the villain (serf, esne, whatever) who tagged you. Then at the end you can list the unfortunates whom you have tagged, on the theory that misery loves company, or some such. (It also prevents the same person from getting tagged multiple times.)

Busy day today, with far more than five things to do, so I'm going to hold off a bit on playing.

Hope you feel better soon!

Leigh Russell said...

It's a new one on me Bill, but I'm usually the last to know what's going on. I assure you no dreadful calamity will befall you if you don't play. The only consequence: you will add about 5 minutes to the time available to you for living your life. Your choice entirely. As for spam - it just makes me think of Monty Python!

Charles Gramlich said...

You're number 1 reminds me of myself, when I was chair of the Department and keeping everything and everyone moving. I'm so glad I'm not in that position anymore. It took a lot more energy than I have now.

Akasha Savage. said...

Hi Leigh, thanks for taking part...hope you had fun! :D