Tuesday 13 December 2011

A little optimism at Christmas time!

It's been a long time since I've posted at any length here. I've been REALLY busy writing, going through edits, checking typescript, and book promotion and really haven't had time to think. I tend increasingly to post my news on facebook. Here's the link if you'd like to check it out and hopefully follow me.
I also try and update the news section on my website from time to time http://leighrussell.co.uk/
My blog here is where I allow myself to think. It's great to have a site where I can ramble on without any concern for plot making sense, characters being consistent, or even writing prose that is coherent. Writing my books requires more focus. Here on my blog I can just ramble or, on occasion, rant. So - here I am once again - to ramble or to rant?
This year I've had a few rants online, for example about the shocking news of so many libraries closing - 6 out of 12 in Brent! But I'm feeling fairly optimistic this evening. I've just read an online article about readers out and spending money in the bookshops in the US, and I've been meeting lots of readers in Waterstones and the book sections of WH Smith's, at my recent book signings (lots of photos on facebook!) It remains to be seen what will happen to the bookshops as more people buy kindles, but things may turn out better than I've been fearing. Perhaps there really will be a place for both print books and ereaders. With alternative means of accessing books, maybe more young people will catch the reading habit. Let's keep our fingers crossed!
Good news this week: A reader recommended Dead End on a BBC Radio 2 phone in, and Dead End has been chosen by readers as one of the Best Crime Books for 2011. Here's the link http://www.crimetime.co.uk/mag/index.php/showindex/best2011 if you'd like to give Dead End your support, and you can give your own books a plug at the same time! Just fill in the boxes on the right. There's no need to sign up or subscribe or even leave your email if you don't want to. It's very simple.
And some news for Christmas
Contact me on http://leighrussell.co.uk/ if you'd like an inscription for one of my books to make an original Christmas present.
And if you own a kindle - or are given one for Christmas - you can download my next novel Death Bed on 25th December! It will be out in print in 2012.



Guillaume said...

Congratulations about the recommendation!

"The book section of W.H. Smith". That's why I often don't consider it a bookshop.

I hope the future holds better for bookstores too. When big chains are struggling, I can only imagine what kind of hard time small local shops must be having.

Val Ewing said...

Awesome. Can't wait for the new book.

I just bought a Kindle. I use it for games and email updates...and yes for ebooks, which I am just getting in to!

They are handy for travel, yet I visit my small local bookstore for my 'book' fixes.
And btw, I just introduced your books to another American friend and told her she HAD to add you to her favorite authors.

Our small town shop is doing very well.
They also support local authors.
They don't have a monsterous selection, but you can order any book from anywhere and pick it up in their quaint little store.

Leigh Russell said...

Thanks, Guillaume. Yes, let's hope the future will be better for bookshops.

Leigh Russell said...

Thanks, Val. Death Bed should be available on December 25th!!!
I hope your friend likes my books - thank you very much for introducing them to her.

Charles Gramlich said...

I've heard some good news about writing and publishing this year too so am feeling fairly optimistic.

Leigh Russell said...

Glad to hear it, Charles!

fizzycat said...

I have been volunteering at a local library for around five months, one afternoon a week.
Hopefully the library will be kept open. We will battle if they try to close it.
Last year a gadget mad friend bought a kindle then broke it around 3 months later (think sat on it broke the cover).To replace this would have cost half the value of the original product.
So till the ebook readers are made a little more robustly I think books will be ok.
All the best for the festive season!

Leigh Russell said...

Good for you, fizzy - and good to hear from you. Have a lovely Christmas!