Thursday 10 May 2012


The new look dashboard on my blog is driving me nuts. I can't find anyone or anything. Sorry I haven't visited you all recently. Where is everyone? Help! I'm lost. Someone please send me a map or a sat nav so I can find my way back to the blogosphere. 


Anonymous said...

I'm still here and you'll be pleased to know I recently bought a copy of Road Closed.

Guillaume said...

I feel your pain. This darn new look of blogspot is just dreadful and confusing.

Stella Jones said...

Yep, I'm with you on this. I really don't like it. I'm slowly finding things, but why the hassle? It worked fine before. Now it's more complicated and it just makes me more irritated!

BernardL said...

It's two lefts and then a right on Ethernet Drive, Leigh. :)

Charles Gramlich said...

It's still taking me time to figure out. Run your mouse cursor over all the symbols and it will give you some helpful information.

Val Ewing said...

Oh no! Don't stay Lost! We like to hear from you.

I know that they changed Blogger up a bit and take your time to explore and see if you can figure it out!

Leigh Russell said...

Yes! I managed to publish comments AND read them AND find my way back to thank everyone who's commented! No idea how I did it.... Thank you all.

Leigh Russell said...

Thank you, Captain Black, that cheered me up!
Glad you agree, Guillaume. Why can't they just leave us alone? We were so happy.
You and me both, Star. Why do they have to tinker with our minds?
Now I get it, Bernard! LOL
I'm way to scared to risk it, Charles. What if I delete everything and my world disappears down a black hole (They do exist, there's one on my desk where students' work regularly vanishes when they leave it there for me in my absence...)
I'm doing my best, Val... I think the problem lies somewhere in my confused little brain.
Thanks, everyone. It's goood to know I'm not alone!

fizzycat said...

Hello there.Ageed it is a palver(new blogger) not sure why it was changed.
Am currently back on older version of blogger but understand will have to properly modernise soon, boo!
Looking forwood to meeting you in July.
Keep writing!Fizz