Sunday 8 July 2012

The busy life of an author

I've got a busy time coming up for the rest of July. Monday 9th I'm  meeting a BBC researcher to discuss how crime is depicted on the BBC. Wednesday 11th I'll be signing at Waterstones in St Albans. Thursday 12th I'm giving a talk at Yiewsley Library at 12.30, then at 7.30 I'll be appearing as a 'special guest' at Harrow Literary Eveninng. On Friday I'm travelling North for a tour of Waterstones stores in Manchester Arndale (14th) Warrington (15th) Liverpool One (16th) Preston (17th) Harrogate (19th) Wakefield (20th) York (21st) and Leeds (22nd).  Look out for a feature about my books in the Life and Style magazine of the Manchester Evening News. Then it's back down South for an interview with the Harrow Times on the 23rd and signing again at Finchley Road O2 Centre in London on the 28th. So that's the rest of July for me booked up and looking busy!
 I'm also working on co-ordinating a new initiative for the CWA (more about that later on - you'll be the first to know!) and writing of course.
With Death Bed on the shelves in paperback, I've finished the 5th book in the series which has gone off to The Editor. The one after that, Geraldine Steel number 6, is half written at about 42,000 words. So it's all go!
I hope that explains why I've been too busy to post here much lately. If you haven't had time to read Death Bed yet, I hope you check it out soon. It's been getting some good reviews!


Guillaume said...

You are very busy, in a good way. And it allows you to travel. I bought so many books in the Waterstone's in Liverpool, I spent many train travels reading them.

Leigh Russell said...

Hi Guillaume - Liverpool is a great store. Unfortunately they sold out of my books by about 1.30, but it wasn't all bad as I had a free afternoon!

fizzycat said...

I would have said have a nice rest after your signing tour.(Thanks again for the signing)
Great to meet you.
Looks like you are busy already!
Good luck with all writing and like the previous comment above says you are busy in a good way.
Keep up the good work!

Leigh Russell said...

Great meeting you too, fizzy. I was so surprised, I completely forgot to ask for a photo with you! Next time. Take care and thanks for the support.