Friday 18 July 2014

Worse Things Happen at Home - Panel

Natasha Cooper moderated the panel of Julia Crouch, Chris Ewan, Helen Fitzgerald and Cath Stainton.
Julia Crouch writes about: "Character, darknes, mystery and shock."
Chris Ewan talked about how real life feeds into his writing, and discussed the nature and nurture debate. He discussed how "the ordinary can become monstrous."
Helen Fitzgerald discussed how being one of thirteen siblings affected her when she was growing up. "After years of being called names, I feared no one and nothing,' Motherhood has changed her. "Once you have children you start to fear everything."
Cath Stainton  discussed how violence at home is worse than elsewhere, because there is "nowhere to hide." She is particularly interested in the victims' perspective. "How on earth do you ever move on come to terms with that? If you don't, your life is effectively in danger."
The panel discussed whether killers are born or made, and the forces of innocence or guilt. "I don't think any one of us are entirely innocent when bad things happen to us." 
The panel discussed the damage caused by secrecy within families. 

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