Friday 15 April 2011

Society of Authors Workshop

Thank you to the authors who attended my workshop hosted by The Society of Authors this week. It was a privilege to share your combination of creativity and craft; thank you for contributing with such enthusiasm and good humour. What an eclectic and interesting group! The Society organiser was all set to take photos of the event but the discussion was so lively I completely forgot to ask her. Good luck with your writing!
To anyone on the waiting list - hopefully The Society will be contacting you soon with dates of further workshops so I hope to have an opportunity to meet you before too long!


Sheila Cornelius said...

Excellent workshop, Leigh, and I learned a lot from the practice exercises about pace, character and dialogue. As you say, the group was a lively mix, too. Thanks for making us feel at ease.


Leigh Russell said...

Thank you very much, Sheila. It was lovely to meet you and I really enjoyed your contributions. What an interesting writing life you lead!

Val Ewing said...


Well seeing I was too far away to attend..I hope I had a good time!

Leigh Russell said...

I hope you would have enjoyed the day if you'd been able to join us, Val. The authors who came along were a mixed and fascinating group, and all very enthusiastic.

Stella Jones said...

Have I missed something interesting?

Guillaume said...

I should try these kinds of workshops.

Leigh Russell said...

There are lots of writing workshops around for anyone who's interested - I hope to see you at one of mine soon, Star and Guillaume! You can see the schedule of my appearances on my publisher's website and there are more workshops in the pipeline too.

John Walker said...

I seem to have missed something too Leigh.

I have squirrelled myself away perhaps, with my nose too close the PC screen. So I will make myself a promise to keep up to speed on such matters!

Thanks again for yet more info!