Thursday 26 July 2012

The Great North Tour!

Here are a few photos from The Great North Tour. You can read about it in the article in Crime Time
'Crime Author Leigh Russell Takes the North by Storm' - quite an appropriate headline, considering all the bad weather we've been having!

Preparing to sign in Manchester
Meeting a fan in Warrington
Apologies again to disappointed fans - the books sold out by 1.30 in Liverpool
Meeeting a reader in Preston
At Waterstones in Harrogate with another fan
At Harrogate Festival with fans of Geraldine Steel
Back on tour in Wakefield
InYork Dead End flew off the table, thanks to 'The 'York Connection'
And we finished off in Leeds
The tour attracted some interest in the media -
Outside the BBC Radio Merseyside studio
Inside the studio with presenter Billy Butler
Another photo from BBC Radio Merseyside
Talking to BBC Radio Manchester presenter Becky
And here's a link to an article in the Manchester Evening News

It wasn't all work. Here are a few more photos from the trip.

We had a fantastic time, but it's good to be home!


Guillaume said...

Hey, I bought books in that Waterstone's bookstore in Liverpool!

Leigh Russell said...

It's a great store. I hope to return there soon!

Charles Gramlich said...

Excellent. Havning never done a book tour I am getting all my info second hand from you!

BernardL said...

Great pictures! Now that's a bookstore.

Leigh Russell said...

It's great fun, Charles, getting to meet lots of different people and seeing new places.

Leigh Russell said...

Thanks, Bernard!