Friday 10 August 2012

A Day at the Olympics

A day off from writing, books and bookshops - one of my wonderful daughters took me to the Olympics! Here are a few of the many highlights.
The Olympic Park was beautifully laid out, and we met many sports fans from all around the world: Russia, Japan, Pakistan, Jamaica as well as all over Europe:

Not forgetting supporters of Team GB!

We had a great view from where we were sitting

I  wanted to share a photo of Usein Bolt running, but he was too fast, and I was too excited! Here he is with one of his gold medals.

Another highlight was meeting Chris Hoy - the most successful British Olympian ever!

And finally thanks to the wonderful police, and all the volunteers, who made the day run so smoothly for everyone.


BernardL said...

Great pictures!

Leigh Russell said...

It was a great day, Bernard! Glad you enjoyed looking at them. I tried to give a tiny flavour of what it was like - there was SO much to see, and the atmosphere was amazing!

Guillaume said...

Gorgeous pics.

Leigh Russell said...

I would be too, if I wasn't me, Charles!

Leigh Russell said...

Thanks, Guillaume. I was trying to give a sense of what it was like, but there was just too much excitement! It was a great day.