Wednesday 1 July 2009

Curzon Group

WATFORD 4th July Borders from 10.30
HATFIELD 5th July Waterstones Galleria from 2 (probably earlier)

Today I decided to accept an invitation to join the Curzon Group, a group of British crime writers who want to orchestrate a renaissance of British crime fiction. It's an exciting movement, which kicks off with a tour of English airports this summer. I'm thrilled to be on board. The only downside is that they all have far more prominent profiles than me. I appreciate that is really an advantage, but my review in the local paper - which is very cool - doesn't look quite so impressive next to their reviews in the national press. I feel like a gauche country cousin. I have to say they were all really lovely people and said nothing to make me feel this way.

I'm just feeling a little dejected. My sales rating on amazon has gone down from 5,100 to over 50,000 and although lots of people (well, a few) have emailed me fantastic comments about Cut Short, no one has written a review on amazon (hint!). The only one is the one I put on there myself, from the Watford Observer.

Do I sound grumpy today?


Charles Gramlich said...

I still haven't gotten my copy yet. But I tell you, I think you're feelings are almost inevitable. My advice is to avoid checking the Amazon ratings too often. They can be interesting but don't let it depress you when they fall. They absolutely have to fall. Mine are way way way down now. Just keep pushing with what you can do and let the rest fall as it does. I think you're feeling a bit of a momentary letdown and you'll bounce back.

Unknown said...

Hang in there, it's going to be a rocky ride with plenty of highs and lows.

Just wanted to say you were discussed on Twitter yesterday when talking about blogs and book selling. it was positive stuff btw.


Leigh Russell said...

Hi Charles - I feel like a gambler at the races - but I'm not too bothered about the ratings, more bemused. To be honest, I never really expected my book to get onto the ratings at all so it's been quite exciting.
I feel more disappointed about individuals letting me down. I'm afraid I think very small scale... !

Leigh Russell said...

Hi Liz - I'm afraid I don't twitter (desperately restraining myself from the obvious joke) I'm IT illiterate... but I'd love to know what was said... ?
Thank you for mentioning it. It's good (and scarey) to know that people are talking about me. (What did they say?!)

Vidya Sury said... are excited - and naturally expect the Up Up Up! Wait till everyone reads the book :-D and tells you how smashing it is!

Leigh Russell said...

Thanks, Vidya. I'm getting lots of positive feedback but compliments from friends and family are not necessarily objective. That's one reason why I was so thrilled at the review from a journalist at the Watford Observer.

Eryl said...

I promise to do a review once I've had time to sit down and read it. How wonderful that a group comprising of well seasoned crime writers wants you in their gang, you must have impressed them.

I met Ian Rankin the other day, at a book festival, he was darling. There seems to be something about crime writers...

Leigh Russell said...

I'm blogging with someone who's met Ian Rankin! That's very exciting!

Barbara Martin said...

Leigh, listen to Charles as he's been around the publishing block many times.