Friday 26 October 2007

Sublime to ridiculous in one "post"

This week I handed the typescript of my first book to my editor. It was a special moment for me. She pointed out that she's only the editor and I don't have to agree with her suggestions. As a newcomer to writing, I feel lucky to have an experienced editor who's worked with successful authors. So I'm not going to be 'precious' about my writing; I'm on a journey and learning all the time.

I wrote another few pages as soon as I got home. My editor asked me to send hard copy which I duly took to the post office. The woman there said my letter 'might' arrive by Monday (three working days from the date of posting) but there was no guarantee. (This was first class post.) My only alternative was to spend an additional £4 or so to send it 'special' delivery which required a signature at the other end. So if my recipient was out at point of delivery, the letter wouldn't arrive and I would have spent £4 for nothing! I decided to risk the normal postal service. Did this woman realise she was talking herself out of a job, I wonder?


Lesley Cookman said...

Hi, Leigh

Love the cover design. Mine evolved from a discussion with the publisher and a vague idea, now they just ask me if there's an image that sums the book up. There never is, of course, so we just pick something at random!

It sounds as though you had a remarkably easy journey from starting writing to finding a publisher. Or have I got the wrong idea, here?

Leigh Russell said...

Hi Lesley, and thank you very much for visiting my blog.

You're right, I have been incredibly lucky to find a publisher so soon after I started to write. It still feels unreal. I do believe that when something's right, doors open, but this has been more like a speedride on a rollercoaster!

I'm still more excited about the writing itself than anything else that goes with it. A friend of mine said, when I first sent my work off, the nightmare would be that no one wanted to publish my work. But as she was speaking, I realised that wasn't it at all. The nightmare for me would be to stop writing. I'm so hooked!

I can't believe it took me so long to discover this creative facility I seem to have. How many people possess latent talents they never realise? So many unfulfilled individuals out there.

rcl said...

Hi Leigh!

You mention that you've just begun writing--what made you decide to start? And how do you feel about it? Is it difficult?

Lots of questions, but I claim my forthright inquisitiveness from being American : )


Sleepy said...

I'd trust a Carrier Pigeon before the Royal Mail.

kate Flynn said...

Hello Leigh,

thanks for visiting and commenting on my blog.

I'm so glad you did as in turn i have visited you and discovered that you are writer of crime fiction- i LOVE crime books be they fictional or real life i have a lot of true life crime books in my collection as does my father- he is a lawyer and i think he is secretly trying to solve the Jack the Ripper case!!

I shall add you to my favourites and check in regularly- looking forward to buying one of your books next year-:0)

Leigh Russell said...


- in response to your query -I've put instructions on your blog for how to enter individual titles on the screen. I hope that helps. Let me know how you get on with it.
Keep in touch and I'll look out for you on the telly! (How exciting!)

Catherine said...

Hi Leigh

I feel so nervous sending anything of value via the Royal Mail. I'm still waiting for something that was sent out over two weeks' ago - not to worry you or anything. However, that parcel is no doubt stuck in a backlog caused by the postal strike.

fizzycat said...
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fizzycat said...

Unlike Manuel you may know nothing outwardly but must know something inwardly( the horse dragonfly) to be able to write.Perhaps your colleague is another character in the making.

Unknown said...

Love Lesley's cover too :-)

Royal Mail.......why do they have to mess up something that was sooooooooooo good?

I'm enjoying hearing your journey Leigh :-)

The Wisdom of Wislon said...

Hope your post gets there alright, the service these days eh:>)

Do you have to give your editor proofs regulary to mark up as you work through the book?

Just trying to relate it to what I have to do in my new job.


Catherine said...

Hi Leigh

Yes!!! I got my parcel today - SUNDAY! It looked as if it had been kicked around the sorting office a few times and some of the contents were a bit squished. So, why on earth did I feel like giving the delivery chappie a hug!! Oh yes, that was BEFORE I'd calmed down enough to look at the box.

Middle Ditch said...

Hi Leigh

Thank you so much for your comment. Really appreciated. In a few days time I will put another episode on. As an aswer to Lesley you said that you had no idea that you could do this. The same here! I had no idea I could do this seven or so years ago. I have tremendous joy in writing scripts. Mind you, you are extremely lucky to have found a publisher.

Keep writing.


sapph said...

Very nice cover Leigh, congratulations on your success, and many thanks for your comments on my procrastination blog! :)

Anonymous said...

'lo, Leigh!
It sounds like reliable mail here in the U.S. of A. is something I take for granted. Well, anyway, thank you for keeping me dreaming!

Pris said...

Hi Leigh
I just wrote a long note and the blog ate it. Darn. Thanks for visiting my blog. We'll have the blood work back on the dog early a.m. and know if we leave on schedule in the morning.

A friend and I are writing, too. First ones were romantic. The last is combination romantic /crime (NOT romance novels). Here in the U.S. publishers no longer take non-agented submissions so we've been searching fruitlessly for an agent to even look. You are SOOOO lucky to have your foot in the door . Your book must be great!

Adding you to my links on my blog.