Monday 29 October 2007

To all the bloggers who've dropped by to have a look at the design of my cover : your comments have been really helpful. Thank you VERY much.

I'll try to start my Wednesday posts in earnest this week, about life, the universe and writing . Hopefully my experience will encourage other writers to try and find a publisher. You never know... the next submission could be the one that changes your life.


Middle Ditch said...

Hi Leigh

Lovely surprise to find your comment. Who designed your book cover? Did You? The tear stands out extraordinarily. Would you like me to put a link to your blog?


Leigh Russell said...

Hi Middle Ditch

It's always exciting to receive visitors on your blog, isn't it? I'll definitely visit you straight away to respond to your final question but I guess I should answer the comments about my own work here.

I didn't design my book cover. I'd love to be visually creative but I'm not at all. I had a meeting with my publisher in which we discussed the kind of image we might use. I then sent some ideas to the designer who came up with the design. The eye wasn't my idea but I like it very much. It's eyecatching and fits the book well.

Leigh Russell said...

I should have addressed you as Monique, shouldn't I? Silly me.

Evren said...

Hi Leigh,
It's been really exciting to receive a comment from you. Thanks a lot. Your blog seems highly interesting.
And I liked your book cover -especially the silhouette of the man in the eye. Is it a man by the way? Might be another creature!?!

Gladys Hobson said...

I'm surprised more people have not commented on the book's cover.
It is the first thing a potential reader sees and judges the book on, even though opinion may change when the first few pages are read.
Here you have a startling statement. Never mind the face it is all in the eye — the beholder of the world, the window of the soul. What the eye sees is a person (who?) and weeps (why?). The tear is red, symbolic of blood — pain, agony, fear, sorrow. The tear is small but stands out wonderfully. Colour scheme excellent.
Well done your designer.

Leigh Russell said...

Hi Gladys,
Thank you very much for your comment. I think more people commented on earlier posts and that's why there are so few here. Generally people seem to like it. It's very kind of you to come by and comment. Please keep in touch.