Monday 3 May 2010

An Interview with Joyanna

I met Joyanna Lovelock when she bought a copy of CUT SHORT at one of my book signings. As a radio presenter, Joyanna interviewed me a couple of times on Radio Northwick Park, which was great fun and excellent preparation for my BBC Radio interviews. Joyanna has recently moved into television and kindly agreed to be interviewed about this exciting development in her media career.

1. You’ve been on Radio Northwick Park for just over a year. How did you first become involved with it?
I joined RNP in June 2008. I came across them after surfing the net for hospital radios. I completed an application form and a few weeks later I was invited in for an induction. After 6 months I was offered my own show, which I presented for just over a year.

2. You obviously really enjoy working on the radio station and I’m sure everyone in the hospital is going to miss you. How do you feel now that you are moving on?
I feel very sad. It’s nice to know I will be missed but I am really missing the place and get quite emotional when I think about it.

3. I know you are leaving Radio Northwick Park for a career in television. You must be very excited. Can you tell us how you found work on television? How long did it take, and how difficult was it to break in?
The funny thing about the move into television is that although I fancied the idea of doing some television, I thought that would be further down the line once I had established a radio career. So, I am just as surprised as anyone that it has materialized now. And it was amazingly easy! I think I really was at the right place at the right time.

4. Tell us about the audition process.
For the audition I had to prepare a 2-minute piece to camera on my chosen subject. I spoke on ‘Happiness and how to find it’. (Don’t ask!). That went down very well. Then I was asked to interview a studio guest about her traumatic childhood of drink and drugs. The ‘judges’ liked that too.

5. How did you feel when you made your first television broadcast? Was it very different to broadcasting on radio?
I felt great. I wasn’t nervous (which surprised everyone). I suppose I just pretended I was speaking on the radio and ignore all those people and cameras around me. I’d forgotten about them but at the end I heard applause and realized they were there.

6. What does the future hold for the presenter of Radio Northwick Park’s Sweet Inspiration programme?
Oh gosh! I hope to really build on television presenting and also to get on to national radio. I am working on it. And perhaps do some writing as well. An all-rounder!

7. Finally, media studies is a very popular subject. Do you have any advice for people who would like to work in the media?
They say in this business luck is ‘preparation meeting opportunity’ and I fully endorse this. For students wishing to make it in the media in whatever genre – be prepared. Do all that you need to do: study and work hard. Also try and get some experience. Do not be afraid to ask every and anybody for a chance. My first journalistic experience came after I contacted the editor of a local newspaper and asked if I could sit-in and observe for a day. Whilst there, he asked me to write a couple of articles. He liked what I did and offered me a job! You never know from where the opportunity will come, so be prepared and you will be ready to take up the opportunity.

Thank you very much for taking the time to chat about yourself here, Joyanna, and good luck with your work on television. We’ll be looking out for you!


HelenMWalters said...

That's really interesting. Joyanna obviously has a great career ahead of her.

Leigh Russell said...

Let's hope so, Helen. She is a lovely person, really friendly and warm.

Pat said...

What fun to turn the tables.
I haven't read Road Closed yet but mentioned it today.

Leigh Russell said...

Yes, Pat, it seemed appropriate to return the compliment after Joyanna interviewed me on her radio show.
Thank you for mentioning ROAD CLOSED on your blog - out in June.

Charles Gramlich said...

cool interview. Sounds like an interesting career.

Deborah Carr (Debs) said...

Good luck to Joyanna, I hope she has a great time in her new career.

Leigh Russell said...

Thanks, Charles. It's interesting to hear someone's story from another walk of life.

Leigh Russell said...

Hi Debs - I'm sure Joyanna will appreciate your good wishes. I have quite a few interviews lined up with Road Closed coming out so it's nice to be able to interview someone else, especially someone who was kind enough to interview me.

Middle Ditch said...

That was great. You obviously enjoyed the interview and good luck Joyanna

Anonymous said...
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